Left: ReCo co-founder Anett Petrovics, wearing a black t-shirt, standing next to Henri Turra, managing director of Radish Events, wearing a white t-shirt. 

Middle: it shows a lineup of liquid bottles neatly arranged on a table.

Right: A woman in black t-shirt holding a delivery packageOn the left is ReCo co-founder Anett Petrovics, wearing a black t-shirt, standing next to Henri Turra, managing director of Radish Events, wearing a white t-shirt. On the right it shows a lineup of liquid bottles neatly arranged on a table.

Case study

Ecommerce branding & website design for sustainable business
ReCo Refill (2020–2023)


ReCo Refill was a 3-year experiment we started during the pandemic. Its mission was to reimagine packaging for a cleaner world — one refill at a time.

The world has only recycled 9% of the plastics produced in the past 60 years. 6.3 trillion kilograms of plastic is still around, harming 100 million sea animals every year. We simply cannot recycle our way to the future.

We partnered with local, eco-friendly brands, packaged their products in reusable glass jars and delivered them to customers in Sydney. We then collected the empty jars, sanitised them at our local facility and got them ready for the next refill.

The ultimate goal was to create a beautiful and easy user experience that helped people to reuse, keeping everything in the loop and out of the environment.

A woman cradling a baby in her arms, receiving a delivery from ReCo delivery person.

Photographer: Jason de Plater.

Results: ReCo Refill's success story

Achieved with

Only 2 Products

Delivered to

+500 residents in selected suburbs in Sydney

Waste impact

3,000+ plastic containers saved

Supported by

EY, Boomerang Labs, Social Impact Hub, City of Sydney

Presented to

Adobe, Lendlease, Aesop, AirBnb, Sustainability Victoria

Featured on

Front cover of Wentworth Courier, Broadsheet, Renew, Planet Ark

Ecommerce branding, web design & development

Research & strategy

User research
Brand strategy
Website strategy
Social media strategy
Content strategy

Ecommerce branding 
website design

Brand voice & copywriting
Visual identity
Packaging design  
Website design
Photography & videography
Social media design
EDM design

Web development

Shopify 2.0
Performance optimisation
Exploration of Bubble and Glide for backend

User-centred design for a seamless, sustainable ecommerce experience

The ReCo Refill customers are mostly female. They're over 30, living in Sydney's inner-city suburbs, eastern suburbs and inner west. They are environmentally conscious and passionate about climate action.

ReCo Refill is an innovation, which makes it challenging for the audience to adopt quickly. To tackle the challenge, our strategy is to create a brand that is desirable, easy for people to understand and jump onboard. The ReCo Refill brand is simple, stylish and genuine. It shows the brand's vision and helps customers feel connected to it.

With greenwashing becoming a growing concern, building trust was key to our ecommerce branding strategy. We have the co-founders representing the brand and connecting with the customers on a personal level. Honest storytelling and exceptional customer experience were the cornerstone of the approach.

We've also made the website simple and easy to use. We used Webflow to tell the brand story, and custom-built Shopify 2.0 for the online shop. They were both designed to be fast and accessible. Together, these tools make the refill experience on our website easy and enjoyable.


We work with our long-term collaborator, Jason de Plater, to tell the ReCo story through simplicity, elegance and authenticity.

Two hands holding a jar of laundry powder.A woman in a white shirt stands on a cliff, covered her face by a plastic sheet.Two hands reaching for a bottle of laundry powder. Two hands reaching for a bottle of laundry powder.

“It’s wonderful to use a local Sydney business that in turn supports an ethical regional NSW business, a holistic service to eliminate plastic waste.”

Jess Scully
Author, curator, city-maker, Former Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney

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