Left: ReCo co-founder Anett Petrovics, wearing a black t-shirt, standing next to Henri Turra, managing director of Radish Events, wearing a white t-shirt. 

Middle: it shows a lineup of liquid bottles neatly arranged on a table.

Right: A woman in black t-shirt holding a delivery packageOn the left is ReCo co-founder Anett Petrovics, wearing a black t-shirt, standing next to Henri Turra, managing director of Radish Events, wearing a white t-shirt. On the right it shows a lineup of liquid bottles neatly arranged on a table.

Case study

AI content creation 

for sustainable business
Circular Sydney for ReCo Refill


Circular Sydney, an AI-powered content marketing initiative, helped ReCo Refill raise awareness and establish leadership in the circular economy.

ReCo Refill, our circular economy start-up, faced challenges as a sustainability pioneer. With limited funding, it was hard to reach more customers quickly. Building partnerships with government and big industry leaders is important for innovation. However, it was also difficult for a small online business like ours to establish direct partnerships.

To overcome these challenges, we created Circular Sydney. This initiative used our content marketing skills and AI tools to help ReCo Refill achieve its goals:

  1. Become a leading voice in the circular economy

  2. Build trust and partnerships with government and key players

  3. Grow a community of supporters around ReCo Refill's mission

A woman cradling a baby in her arms, receiving a delivery from ReCo delivery person.

Photographer: Jason de Plater.

Results: ReCo Refill's success story

Achieved with

Only 2 Products

Delivered to

+500 residents in selected suburbs in Sydney

Waste impact

3,000+ plastic containers saved

Supported by

EY, Boomerang Labs, Social Impact Hub, City of Sydney

Presented to

Adobe, Lendlease, Aesop, AirBnb, Sustainability Victoria

Featured on

Front cover of Wentworth Courier, Broadsheet, Renew, Planet Ark

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Leveraging AI for content marketing
to cut through the noise

Small businesses like ReCo Refill need a strong brand position to be noticed in a competitive market. Circular Sydney is a content marketing project designed to help ReCo Refill cut through the market:

  • Create a distinct identity: Through Circular Sydney, we've created a unique brand identity for ReCo Refill, beyond just another ecommerce brand.

  • Establish brand partnerships: We teamed up with City of Sydney council and industry leaders to create content, opening up opportunities for brand partnerships.

  • Build local community: By involving the local council, businesses and communities, ReCo Refill strengthened its leadership position in the local community.

By leveraging AI content creation through tools like ChatGPT, Otter.ai and Writer.com, we carved out a unique identity for ReCo Refill as a local change maker.

Using AI content creation tools to assist
grant acquisition and industry partnership

With a clear brand positioning strategy in place, we use ChatGPT to map out the project's goals, budget and content requirements. The roadmap formed the foundation for:

  • Grant acquisition: We secured a grant from the City of Sydney, which provided crucial resources to develop the Circular Sydney content.

  • Industry partnerships: We established strategic partnerships with industry leaders. This helps ReCo Refill gain recognition, build credibility and foster collaboration in the community.

“It’s wonderful to use a local Sydney business that in turn supports an ethical regional NSW business, a holistic service to eliminate plastic waste.”

Jess Scully
Author, curator, city-maker, Former Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney

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A lineup of liquid bottles neatly arranged on a table.